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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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low, we get afraid. thank you. appreciate it. join us every night. [applauding] if you can't watch the show, dvr it. we love the money show hello everybody. i'm lou dobbs. another obama deception of the american people this week revealed the "new york times" quoting unnamed defense department officials who said the united arab emirates hasn't participated in air strikes over syria in more than a month despite the uae withdrawal from that effort, reports out of the pentagon have included the uae in the list of coalition members conducting air strikes over that very same time period. the uae withdrew after the islamic state captured the jordanian pilot who was murdered, burned to death and the video of his murder released tuesday. the white house referred all
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questions on the issue to the uae government. >> i did see that announcement. i would refer you to them for the latest update in terms of their military participation in the campaign but i don't think people should take away from that announcement that the commitment from the emiratis and other arab countries in the region to the coalition has waned in any way. there's a very important role for them to play in terms of the range of other aspects of our counter-isil strategy. >> well, it has waned, in point of fact in precisely the withdrawal from strikes over syria. we will be taking all of this up with the armed services and judiciary committee member, congressman randy forbes here in moments and if it's not the president asking for more taxpayer dollars it's the bureaucrats working for him. irs commissioner asking congress for more money as the irs continues to make billions in
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improper payments to illegal immigrants. senate finance committee member senator mike crapo joins us to talk about whether the irs needs more of our money or whether it needs to have a management cleanup. and the president's choice to become the next defense secretary signals in confirmation hearings this week that he disagrees with some of the white house national security policies. we will be taking this up with former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton here tonight. our first guest today met with king abdullah on capitol hill. he says jordan appears to have a decisive plan to strike back at the islamic state and is committed to carrying out that plan. those are two things this administration at this point seems to be lacking a strategy and a commitment. joining us tonight congressman randy forbes, member of the judiciary committee, also a member of the house armed services committee. good to have you with us, congressman. >> thanks, lou. >> your reaction to king
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abdullah, in ordering the execution by hanging of two al qaeda terrorists acted boldly and immediately upon the murder of jordan's pilot. >> as you mention, i met with the king yesterday shortly after this video came out and i think more important than the execution that we heard about today taking place, i think one of the things that was very impressive is that the king had as you just mentioned a well articulated strategy. you could tell that he had thought this out, he looked at it militarily he looked at it with all the components and it's not a short-term strategy. it's not something that he says he's going to be committed to for a short period of time. it's both a short-term and long-term strategy and particularly, he mentioned the fact that this was a generational fight and something that should unite muslims, christians and jews together to fight against this kind of
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extremism we are currently seeing. >> i understand the thinking there, particularly on the part of the republican party when it comes to fighting the islamic state and the reticence if not the abdication of the obama administration in carrying out that fight decisively. but when i hear generational fights, i'm not certain that that is a kind of fight the united states is by nature, by heritage, equipped to carry out. ours is overwhelming military force, ours as you well know is overwhelming military power and superior technology. why in the world would we not use that and insist on as quick as possible decisive defeats because i for one, congressman, can't imagine a david petraeus saying to douglas macarthur i've got a great plan for a long war and the next thing, that becomes doctrine. >> well lou first of all let's go back to 2009-2010
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where we basically had them defeated and all their military experts were telling them if this president followed the direction he was going, this was going to happen. this didn't surprise any of our military experts. you hit the nail on the head when you talked about this is a president that really tries to have his foreign policy based upon crisis as opposed to having any kind of strategy that he can articulate and stick to. you know i'm chairman of the sea power and projection forces subcommittee. i spend all day in briefings studying where our military is around the globe. i can tell you, i do not know what their strategy is. if you came and walked with me in the halls of congress today you couldn't find that strategy. unfortunately, our allies don't know that strategy. that's the big component that we're missing right now, a strategic plan of how we are going to fight isis. >> let me ask you this. as we look at ashton carter, the president's nominee to be the next secretary of defense saying
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point-blank he can guarantee he won't be accelerating any detainees' removal or the shutdown of guantanamo. where are we headed with that nomination? that kind of dispute with the commander in chief sounds like he's going to get fired before he even gets confirmed. >> well, this administration has had a record of firing anybody that disagrees with him but one of the things i can tell you about mr. carter is he's in good company, because i do not know of a time in history when you find two previous secretary of defenses appointed by an administration that would come out during that administration and say they disagree with the course of action that this president has taken and at the same time, when you will hear the military leaders come out and say they're not listening to him. the big problem we have now that mr. carter is going to face is that we no longer have the department of defense running our national defense. they have let the national security council do that. until we change that we are going to continue to have major problems with the national security that we see unraveling
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with this administration around the globe. >> congressman randy forbes always good to talk with you. thanks for being here. there is still no resolution in the high stakes battle over the president's amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants. the president today tried to goad republicans somewhat. he met with six young illegal imgrants he calls dreamers and who are benefitting from his executive fiat. so-called dreamers as i said. >> i want to be as clear as possible. i will veto any legislation that got to my desk that took away the chance of these young people who grew up here and who are prepared to contribute to this country that would prevent them from doing so. and i am confident that i can up hold that veto. >> for now, republicans seem unable to reach any kind of party consensus on how to move forward a bill that would have funded the department of homeland security but also unravel the president's amnesty
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fiat failed another test vote in the senate. mr. obama's amnesty order going into effect february 18th funding for dhs runs out over a week later february 27th. on capitol hill today, health and human services secretary sylvia burwell refused to answer whether the obama administration has a contingency plan should the supreme court rule that federal subsidies for obamacare are illegal. her refusals led to this exchange. >> you refuse to answer our questions and that to me doesn't strike me as trying to work with congress but rather contemptuoous of congress's oversight responsibilities. do you believe you have authority to issue an administrative fix or do you think you need additional legislation? >> senator, what i have been focusing on is implementation, not on that question. >> mr. chairman, secretary burwell is a charming person and she is obviously intelligent,
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but these hearings are absolutely no use to us if the witnesses refuse to answer straightforward questions which this witness has repeatedly done. >> the senator couldn't have put it better. burwell went on to say nearly ten million people have signed up for obamacare. but this sounds like an echo from our recent past, doesn't it? she also declined to tell the senators how many have actually paid for their enrollment and their coverage. we're coming right back. jordanian king abdullah vows revenge as the pentagon is outed for a campaign of disinformation. ambassador john bolton on all this, the islamic state and the obama mideast policy.
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president obama's choice to become his fourth secretary of defense today weighed in on whether the united states should provide weaponry and arms to ukraine to battle russian-backed rebels. >> do you believe we should be supplying arms defensive arms, to ukrainians? >> i very much incline in that
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direction, mr. chairman because i think we need to support the ukrainians in defending themselves. >> wow. joining us now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. john, great to see you. >> glad to be here. >> i don't know if -- i don't think carter may fit in with this administration. his answers were direct, plain-spoken unambiguous. >> well, we'll see what happens once he's confirmed. i think it's clear he will be confirmed. a number of potential candidates for that job reportedly turned it down because they didn't want to be in a position of having to carry out the president's policies. whether carter can stand up to some of those policies or whether he will simply be an implementer, i think we don't know. he did say merely that he was inclined to provide defensive arms to the ukrainians and that's an inclination the president can change. >> i suppose it is but he doesn't strike me as one who will be so easily -- well i
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don't think he's that malleable. >> i think he's viewed as a pair of safe hands. he's obviously got the experience, a technocratic managerial bent. capitol hill thinks he's the best we'll get and that's why he will be confirmed. >> he said clearly he would not participate in the acceleration of release of detainees nor handing over guantanamo, our base in cuba. what do you make of that? that's in direct opposition to the administration. >> that i think was a much stronger statement. i was actually quite surprised at how clear he was on that point, although i think it's the right policy so i wonder how long it survives given the white house point of view. i think it's very important -- it's bad enough for letting these terrorists go but the notion that i think is on the president's radar screen of giving guantanamo bay back to the cubans is something that has to be resisted. >> this business with the united arab emirates, the emirates
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withdrawing from flights and strikes over syria yet the pentagon has represented in their daily reports that the uae is a coalition member that is an arab state of which there are only two others participating. some coalition among 22 arab states to be fighting against syria and the islamic state. >> there is obviously a disagreement here. i thought the uae position though, in some respects was a very defensible one. what they said -- >> my issue is -- i have no problem. they are a sovereign nation. i think they do a remarkable job. my issue is with the pentagon that is reporting information that is inaccurate and doing so it appears, to make it look as if there's one more arab state than there is participating. >> shocking, especially when we know how barack obama criticized the bush administration for its coalition in iraq. what the uae was saying was we want american commitment for search and rescue.
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we are willing to put our pilots over isis territory but if they get shot down we want help in getting them rescued. perfect legitimate, apparently turned down by the pentagon. >> it sort of then does put the whole matter in the hands of the united states, doesn't it? not particularly artful, in my opinion, because the islamic state is the point of the spear at the emirates and the other civilized arab states who should be fighting tooth and nail against these radical islamist terrorists. >> it may well be that the barbaric execution of this jordanian prisoner will spur not only jordan but the others into action, but i think the absence of the united states makes it unlikely. i think we have seen an emotional reaction, perfectly understandable here after this barbarity. >> as we did five months ago with the beheadings of two americans. >> i'm not sure anything is going to change on the ground unfortunately. >> american muslim leaders at the white house, the white house
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won't tell us who, won't tell us what organizations and associations they were connected to or what the purpose of the meeting was, or the result of the meeting. this is the u.s. white house is it not? >> right. the most transparent administration in history. look, it's perfectly fine for the president to meet with whomever he wants but normally you say what the subject was, and in fact, what's really interesting is most of the participants in these meetings are delighted to come out and tell the press what was discussed. so far we simply have no indication. it's very very puzzling. >> perhaps it's deferred delight and we will learn later who they were and what they did. we won't hold our breath. >> we are just waiting exactly. >> john, thanks so much. good to see you. up next, president obama proves again he has no understanding, at least one that he will share with the american public, when it comes to our nation's enemies. and def row record founders
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a few thoughts now on the islamic state and the failure of our president and his administration to understand it when confronted by absolute evil, we must act to destroy it without equivocation without delay. listen to our president struggle today to avoid the words radical islamist. listen to him refer to an ideology and avoid any mention of the religion of islam as he condemned the brutal, obscene murder of the jordanian pilot captured by the islamic state on christmas eve. >> should in fact this video be
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authentic, it's just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization, and it i think will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated. it also just indicates the degree to which whatever ideology they are operating off of, it's bankrupt. >> the president calling the islamic state dispassionately, an organization. killing the jordanian pilot by burning him alive in mr. obama's view will result he said, in the doubling or redoubling of the coalition's vigilance and determination. and whatever the foundation, he said of the islamic state's ideology, he declares it to be quote, bankrupt.
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as if he doesn't know the foundation of the islamic state's so-called ideology, perhaps the name of the organization as mr. obama calls it might be an imposing clue. he might consider it. again, mr. president, the islamic state. here is the president's response to the beheadings of american journalist james foley and steven sokolov five months ago. he said the islamic state's ideology is quote, bankrupt. then he declared the islamic state represents no religion just two weeks later the president called the claim that the islamic state kills in the name of religion quote, absurd, while vowing to fight these terrorists. he didn't call them terrorists. no more than five months later now, this president still refuses to call the islamic state what it clearly is. radical islamist terrorists. according to the clarion
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project, radical islam is the merger of mosque and state under sharia. the goal being the implementation of sharia law globally through terrorist acts human rights abuses bigotry toward non-muslims and overall hostility towards the west. about three-quarters of the state department's designated foreign terrorist organizations are islamist so we are led to ask why doesn't our president at least publicly put forward any sense that he understands there is no war between so-called peaceful islam and radical islamists? where is the president's 99.9% of muslims who he said seek only order, peace and prosperity? al qaeda, the islamic state, iran, are killing vastly more muslims than christians. why can't peaceful devout muslims defeat the radical islamists who slaughter in the name of their religion?
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why doesn't our president ask these questions and share the answers with the american people? and why is there, among some on the right an absolute reflex and impulse to say that we will destroy radical islam no matter what islam has to say? and what about that 99.9% of the muslims who want order, peace and prosperity, why are they not fighting radical islam? certainly not anin all muslim countries are there members of the islamic state and al qaeda and their leaders in some countries are making exceptional, exceptional strides. in egypt in jordan. jordan taking a stand tonight for its people in the fight against radical islamist terrorists. protesters filling the streets in amman while jordan plans to execute tomorrow morning at least three radical islamist
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prisoners including the suicide bomber who was part of the proposed prisoner swap with the islamic state. our quotation of the evening now. this from corey boone who rescued nearly 1,000 jews from the holocaust. she wrote the first step on the way to victory is to recognize the enemy. controversial irs commissioner has been evasive, defiant and occasionally a little loopy when testifying before congress. today he threatened american taxpayers unless congress pays up. our next guest is senator mike crapo. stay with us.
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make it easy to create your own all-pro website ... ... all by yourself. favre & carve! you did that yourself? don't look so surprised. it's that easy. irs commissioner john koskinen today trying to make a case for more funding despite a string of scandals at his agency. he testified before the senate finance committee today. >> i would note that we're not asking for more money over history. we are asking for money back that's been taken away. we are actually doing significantly more with significantly less. there comes a point at which you have to do less with less, because you have reached that point. my concern for the last year has been that we are beyond the point of being able to do more with less. we are at a point where we have no choice but to do less with less.
7:33 pm
>> joining us now, senator mike crapo, one of the law makers on the committee who today questioned the agency's head. he serves on other key committees including budget, banking, housing and urban affairs and environment and public works. senator, great to have you with us. your reaction to the director. >> well, frankly this is just remarkable. here we have the internal revenue service as you said facing scandal and asking the american people to have a massive new budget increase so they can put on over 2500 new employees at the irs just to look into our health care. this is part of their request to try to comply with obamacare, where the responsibility for looking into the lives of american people on health care has been turned over to the irs. when the irs can't even convince the american people that it's dealing fairly with them on tax policy, i don't think we want to see this kind of a massive new
7:34 pm
budget increase. >> and there's got to be great concern because 86,000 documents dumped on you, pages of new documents, 30,000 of those applying to lois lerner which iteration after iteration of this scandal revealed what we were told lost, servers damaged all sorts of nonsense emanating from the very man we just listened to there leading the agency. now another 30,000 pages dumped on your committee. >> yeah, that's true. you may recall that just last year, when the senate was controlled by the democratic party, this investigation into the irs targeting of conservative groups and individuals was almost concluded but we were then told all of a sudden that there were thousands and now we find out tens of thousands of new documents that yes, they could find and so we
7:35 pm
are reopening this, if you will, and now we are sifting through this massive new set of documents which includes a phenomenal amount of e-mail and other documents relating to lois lerner who was leading the entire agency's focus on targeting conservative groups and others with whom the administration had philosophical differences. >> i know either party doesn't like to use the word but are you starting to believe you have been deceived, you have been, here's the word, lied to throughout? >> i have very strong concerns about whether the irs has come clean with congress in this investigation. as you may recall this has gone on now for months and months. in fact, years, and we still don't have even all of the documents in front of us. at one point the irs telling the american people that there was a computer glitch, they lost the documents. i think most americans at that point reacted by saying you know, if i told the irs that i
7:36 pm
lost my documents because i had a computer glitch they wouldn't have put up with that for a minute. now we're finding out that in fact, they can access these documents. i don't think that we have heard the whole story or the full story from the irs yet. >> were you in any way surprised when koskinen said testified that those illegal immigrants were allowed to remain in this country under the president's amnesty fiat, will be eligible for tax benefits, they will be able to file for past benefits? i had never heard that before. >> i was not surprised by that information. many of us have been saying this for a long time that under the earned income tax credit rules that those who are illegally in the country are now going to be able to access those benefits. they are not citizens, they are not legally here, but under the president's i think illegal
7:37 pm
executive order, they are now going to be able to get payments from the federal government. but i was, lou, surprised that koskinen admitted it. in the hearing today, he acknowledged that this is true, that the irs is preparing to make these payments to illegal immigrants into the united states. >> what i had never heard before was that they would be retroactive, being able to go back as far as three years, for crying out loud. >> yeah. that's true. that's just a remarkable aspect of this executive order that we are fighting over here in the senate right now that i don't think most americans have focused on. >> are you going to be successful in defunding that element and invalidating the president's so-called amnesty fiat? >> well we'll be successful if the american people focus on it. today we had our first major vote in the senate on it and we did not get enough votes to achieve cloture on the bill that would help to defund that
7:38 pm
illegal action by the president. >> 51-48. >> that's correct. and we need 60 votes. but we're not at the end of this fight yet. i think as more and more americans see what this is really about and realize the unbelievable abuse of power that the president has engaged in and what it means as it ripples through our tax policy and other aspects of our economy that we are going to gain strength. so we're not there yet, but this fight's not over. i think you are going to see a number of additional votes as the american people continue to focus on this. >> it's extraordinary. it's outrageous. >> it is. >> it's inconceivable. well, it should be inconceivable that it would be a partisan issue. i cannot imagine why any senator would not be supportive of the measure to roll it back. >> i don't, either. >> senator, as always good to talk with you. thank you for being with us. senator mike crapo. a new poll finds millenials, those between the ages of 18 and
7:39 pm
34, i don't know about you i just missed that group are alarmingly uninformed about our nation's politics. according to the survey, a whopping 77% of millenials, that is the largest group the largest generation of americans, couldn't name even one senator from their home state. the pentagon and a leading democratic congressman distrusted hillary clinton so much that they opened back channels to libyan leader moammar gadhafi's regime. that congressman is our guest next.
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new documents now detailing hillary clinton's role encouraging u.s. military intervention in libya back in 2011. the "washington times" reporting that clinton as secretary of state led a charge to unseat moammar gadhafi and in the process, arms from the u.s. and our allies in the region ended up in the hands of al qaeda-backed terrorists opposing, of course, moammar gadhafi. our next guest in congress at the time, says clinton's state department used the pretext of humanitarian intervention to pursue a regime change in libya
7:44 pm
against the advice of both the intelligence community and top pentagon officials. joining us now, former congressman and fox news contributor dennis kucinich. good to see you. thanks for being here. an extraordinary story. you, members of the pentagon with back channels to the gadhafi government including his son because you believed that the secretary of state was shaping intelligence toward only one conclusion and that would be regime change. is that right? >> well, the information that i was getting was that there was no genocide occurring, that in fact there was an uprising, an armed and violent uprising not by peaceful protesters, although there were peaceful protesters that didn't have arms, and the group that did have arms was aimed at overthrowing the government and in response, the gadhafi government had countermeasures that tried to hold on to their power. now, the story is that there was
7:45 pm
no claim for intervention based on genocide, and i had the same information that intelligence as well as pentagon assets had. >> and you went back to the administration in trying to blunt secretary clinton's if you will charge toward intervention, armed intervention in libya regime change, taking out moammar gadhafi. what was the response? >> i didn't get a response. what happened is this, lou. i had intermediaries who contacted me and made it very clear that america could win this without war that we didn't have to go to war, that gadhafi was interested in transitioning out of power. that was a big development. but that was ignored and there was a will to war here that trumped everything. >> hillary clinton's determination to overthrow moammar gadhafi his government, by the way there remains a
7:46 pm
chaotic state in libya and uncertain governance, to put it kindly, what is the relationship you have been able to divine between that and the 2012 terrorist attacks on our facilities in benghazi? >> well if you don't have an overthrow of the government in libya, you don't get to benghazi. benghazi ended up becoming a flashpoint specifically because the united states had determined that it would intervene violently in libya. so you know, this story in the "washington times" gives the back story on how we got to libya, and we got to libya by misstatement of facts, that frankly, needs to be answered. >> why is it that congress has not pursued this line because there was a sudden shift on the part of the administration, almost without explanation
7:47 pm
public explanation and at the same time, we understand that intelligence, pentagon officials decrying the prospect of intervention even though it was a negligible obstacle to overcome that is the defenses of moammar gadhafi, what washington as best you can divine it, the intent and where are we now in libya as a result? >> well first of all, congress there were members of congress on both sides of the aisle who were very alarmed when the administration talked about going into libya to begin with because they were going to do it without even a vote. when it came down to a vote what i tried to do is to stop the funding, and we had strong bipartisan support. unfortunately, the speaker and the president basically changed the terrain by saying well look, we hear you, we are going to shift the strategy but in the end, we led a nato attack that not only wiped out the gadhafi
7:48 pm
regime which was keeping a lid on things, but also opened the door for all these radicals who today have helped to make libya a failed state. >> with al qaeda not devastated but significantly in libya and also the islamic state. >> lou, the al qaeda flag went up over benghazi municipal building as soon as the government fell. what does that tell you? our taxpayers paid for that. what's that about? really, it really raised the question of what was in the united states' interests. it was not in our interest to go into libya. it was certainly not in our interest to set the stage for that tragedy in benghazi. >> we are going to continue to follow this. come back and we would like if you could come back later this week, perhaps next, and let's continue this conversation about why in the world it seems so little of current foreign policy
7:49 pm
is obviously at least in the u.s. interest. dennis kucinich always good to talk with you. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. a new report in the "washington post" finds republican senator rand paul's rebellious streak began, well, nearly two decades ago when he created his own ophthalmology board. try saying that quickly. the young eye doctor that's better, was reportedly so outraged he had to take a test that older doctors didn't, that he started his own board in order to certify himself. paul even managed to persuade about 50 other doctors to pay $500 and be certified by his new board. but the organization was never accepted by the medical establishment and literally flopped. we presume that in all other respects, senator paul was virtually unregulated. up next rapper suge knight
7:50 pm
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>> let's start with this mandatory vaccination issue. this is turning out to be a major national debate. it's a public health issue. why should there be any issue here whatsoever? >> there shouldn't be. the supreme court has ruled on this twice. the last time in 1944 which was a long time ago. there's a public safety exception -- >> not really that long ago. >> i wasn't born then. >> i'll defend you, lou. >> thank you very much. >> obviously there is a public health issue which is one of the reasons why the supreme court stepped in and said of course there has to be the mandate. >> it trumped people's rights to religion or to opt out. but the problem is the states have created these opt-out provisions so that the rule has really been swallowed by the exception. >> there would have been in my generation absolutely no question whatsoever when we were children, if they said vaccination, you're vaccinated and you move on. what has changed?
7:55 pm
it's all the same issue. public health issues. >> it's political correctness. that's what's changed. these exceptions that lis is talking about, there are individuals who have come forward and said it's against my morals, against my religion against my -- >> and sign a waiver. >> that's why the states can't touch it. >> the problem is kids going to public schools and here's what i really don't like about this. it's like okay, if you parents want to do this, i think that's wrong that you would not get your kids vaccinated but you have put your kids in with my kids in public school and my kids get sick because of your -- >> grocery stores, shopping, whatever it may be. >> teachers. >> there is no way to deny that there is a broad, ubiquitous absolute public health issue here and responsibility. how does it resolve? >> it's going to go to the courts. >> going to go to the courts. >> more controversy, the more money we get.
7:56 pm
>> i think it will be resolved and it will uphold what the supreme court said back in your day, 1944. >> actually that was much before i was born but it's close enough that i start to get a little nervous. aaron hernandez, a juror today kicked off the murder trial excused because apparently the juror was having a little too much fun and interest in the case. does that make sense? >> cha-ching. any of these high publicity cases, jurors want them because why they are not restricted in any way after they serve, they can write a book they can go on media, they can talk to folks and say this is what we talked about, this is the evidence -- >> this juror wasn't slick enough. >> exactly. they call them stealth jurors. stealth jurors are people that want to get on to the jury pool, want to get on the jury and write the big book. i think it was wise of the court to say you're out of here. it's not going to make any difference on the conviction or not.
7:57 pm
>> telling the jurors they can watch the super bowl but only so long as no one was talking about the case on the air. >> well that doesn't restrict them that much. if they can't go online and start looking about aaron hernandez and the allegations, the attorneys -- >> for crying out loud. i'm going to ask you something. >> yes. >> you're sitting here with universal media and suddenly you're asking somebody to decide on, in this case, whether or not a man spends the rest of his years in jail whether he's guilty of murder, but you can't trust a juror to read, to watch to listen to information about the society in which we live? that's a condescending, patronizing stupid attitude on the part of the law. >> judges have had to step forward with those kind of restrictions. >> it doesn't recognize the
7:58 pm
reality. >> it's something for appeal, though. >> very simply know what i would say? you don't think i'm smart enough to make these discriminating, discrete judgments, then why the hell do you want me on your jury? >> but that's you, lou. there is going to be a juror in the box that's going to be influenced. >> sure, it's always the other guy. it's just another patronizing attitude on the part of the law. >> it really depends on the juror. don't you want 12 of lou? 12 of lou in the jury box would be ideal. >> can we do that as a graphic next week? 12 of lou in the jury? >> suge knight, i have been working on pronouncing his name -- >> you did well. >> i did well just now. earlier i did not do that well. not guilty to murder charges running over a couple people because -- >> he had to plead not guilty because this would be his third strike in california. so there is no choice. he can't plead, he can't do anything like that. he's got to take this to trial. >> otherwise he's in jail for
7:59 pm
life. there is no 25 to life. it's life. you're done. >> so where do you get the jury that's going to be objective neutral, dispassionate? >> like every other case. you go through the same jury pool. >> if they listen to his rap -- >> that does not disqualify them. >> it doesn't? >> no. >> they have to come forward and say it doesn't matter what i have heard or read i will still be fair and impartial. >> that's their oath as a juror. >> what about driving over people, then backing up over them? >> sometimes they survive. only kidding. just kidding. >> thank you both. they're working all the time, i swear. good to have you here. time for a few of your comments quickly. a tweet says the president likes to call iran and cuba negotiations but he never seems to get anything in return. and tim wrote on our facebook page we have called every enemy
8:00 pm
what it is since the founding of this country, until now. that's it for us tonight. join us tomorrow. good night. tonight on "war stories" -- >> new kind of war and never will be another one like it. >> in the b-17s and 24s they flew the treacherous skies over europe. >> if i made a mistake it wasn't just me that paid the price. it was nine other young guys. >> their mission destroy the nazi war machine. >> they said this is such an important mission if you don't come back the sacrifice is worth the destruction of the oil wells. >> they were the bomber bombs. that's next on "war stories." good eveningful i'm oliver north and this is "war stories."


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